Friday, August 31, 2012

Barn sign

This is a great barn sign! We think every barn with dogs can nearly agree.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bon-Vivant Equestrian Import Co. Announces New Sponsorship with Heather Blitz and Paragon

Bon-Vivant Equestrian Import Co. proudly announces new sponsorship with
Heather Blitz and Paragon!

Bon-Vivant Equestrian Import Company, a USA Distributor of fine horse tack and equipment announced today that they will be a sponsor for the well known equestrian and accomplished dressage rider, Heather Blitz and her horse, Paragon.  Bon-Vivant Equestrian distributes a brilliant line of English tack including bridles, browbands and saddle pads for dressage, jumpers, eventing and pleasure riding.

"Our mission is to bring breathtaking and unique quality horse tack to the market at affordable prices.  The timing of this sponsorship is perfect as it creates a fabulous opportunity for us to demonstrate the beauty and performance of our new dressage tack collections.  Additionally, our Pink Equine ranges will nicely compliment Heather and Paragon's existing professional look as they develop their successful and venerable dressage career,” says Meeghan Baumler, Director of Bon-Vivant Equestrian Import Company.

Heather’s massive and lovely Danish Warmblood, Paragon, will look elegant and polished in dressage bridles and browbands custom designed for the pair using genuine Swarovski crystals.  Paragon, standing at 18 hands will be fashioned in custom fitted tack from the company’s Tyffany, Diamonds and Crystallized lines made by Pink Equine.  They will also wear saddle pads and sheepskin half-pads made by Pink Equine.

Meeghan added, "Paragon is so gorgeous, he truly doesn't need flashy equipment to accentuate his show-stopping elegance.  However, we are still excited and proud to outfit him with our best new dressage products as well as exclusive bridles and browbands designed especially for them."    

Heather Blitz and Paragon are an exciting pair to watch.  These athletes are truly a sight to behold and many regard them as the next Totilas to represent the USA for many years to come.

Heather stated, "Bon-Vivant Equestrian and Pink Equine offer so many beautiful and well made products from which to choose.  Paragon needs to look his absolute best and he certainly does in his spiffy wardrobe which is really eye-catching. He is an exceptionally striking horse so these glamorous products will certainly accentuate his features. I'm really looking forward to showing him with his new outfits and want to thank Bon-Vivant Equestrian for their support and for making us look good."

To custom design horse bridles and horse browbands or for more information on products distributed by Bon-Vivant Equestrian Import Co., visit or

Their products can also be found at premier tack stores across the USA.  To locate a tack store near you, please call them at (877) LUV-TACK or email:
For more information on Heather Blitz and Paragon, please visit their website:

Recent News on Heather...

Heather Blitz and Paragon will depart next week for Gladstone, NJ for the USEF Festival of Champions, National Championships and Selection Trials for the Pan American Games. The dates are September 8th - 11th, 2011. Paragon and Heather qualified for the trials and are ranked second in the nation behind Steffen Peters on WeltinoΚΌs Magic and ahead of 14 other horse rider combinations.  The three days of competition will determine the team of three who will go to Mexico in October for the Pan American Games.  They compete, starting with no advantage as far as their current ranking, combining scores from the Prix St. Georges on Thursday, the Intermediare 1 on Friday and the Intermediare Freestyle on Sunday.

Must See Video
If you've never seen Heather and Paragon, you're in for a treat...

Follow Heather & Paragon
We encourage you to visit Heather's website and to sign up for her newsletter.  Both Heather and Paragon have Facebook fan pages as well.  Be sure to follow their journey as they make their way toward the Olympic Games in London 2012!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brittany's Bran "Mash-icles"

A Summer Horse Treat Using Bran Mash

Turn Your Bran Mash for Horses into a Rewarding Surprise.

Feeding a warm bran mash is an equestrian tradition that has been passed down for generations.  Horse owners love giving their beloved animals this tasty comfort food.  Additionally, it is a fantastic way to hide supplements and medicines to fussy horses. 
Well, summer is in full swing and we have a great cool horse treat for your horse. 

Bran Mash is not just a winter treat...Add water and freeze for a frozen horse treat that will amuse and reward your horse during the hot summer months!  One bag of Brittany's Bran Mash can be made into two frozen treats each lasting 30-45 minutes.

Below is a recipe for "Mash-sicles".

Bon-Vivant is happy to be the exclusive distributor of Brittany's nutritious treats. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Horse Browbands for All Tastes...

These days it's all about fashion. From the latest purse to that must have jacket.   Its also the same for your horse and why not.

For something that little bit different, Pink Equine has a whole range of beautifully made crystal horse browbands.  Not only do they allow you to color co-ordinate your image, but they are made of top quality Italian leather, hand finished and made to last.

These crystal browbands offer real value for money. Don't waste your money on really cheap products, where the stones fall out and you will have to throw it away in six months time.

DQ's love Pink Equine Dressage Browbands.  But whatever your riding discipline, showing, showjumping, eventing or even if its just out for a hack, Pink Equine's beautiful crystal browbands are an essential addition.

Top quality, subtle and with a hint of color and sparkle to match.

Choose from Exquisite Black or Brown Italian Leather with many distinct looks.  View our beautiful selection of Horse Browbands Now: 

Dressage Browbands

Custom Browbands

Swarovski Crystal Browbands

Color-Padded Browbands

Custom Browband

Diamond Browbands

Wave Browbands from the Tyffany Collection

Color Padded Horse Browbands.  17 Color Padding Options to Choose From.


Lime Green Saddle Pads

Lime Green Saddle Pads! 
Lime Green Pony Saddle Pads,
Lime Green Dressage Saddle Pads,
Lime Green All Purpose Saddle Pads!

Gorgeous Kiwi Lime Green Saddle Pads. Great Quality and a fantastic selection of other colors to choose from. Giftwrap one of these pads with a matching Pink Equine Lime Green Bridle or Browband for the perfect equestrian gift.

Create your color coordinated look with one of these quality cotton Box Quilted Saddle Pads.
Available in 15 different colors which exactly match the PInk Equine range of bridles and browbands. These saddle pads are 5mm thick, with high wither to allow good clearance over the sensitive wither area.

Easy Care, Machine Washable (40 degrees) Do not Tumble Dry.
Pink Equine Saddle Pads are constructed of a cotton outer with a foam inner. The pads also have an inner layer of felt to help keep the pad stiff. This felt layer also provides the ideal thickness for Embroidery.

View now:
Lime Green Pony Saddle Pad:
Lime Green All Purpose Saddle Pad:
Lime Green Dressage Saddle Pad:

Friday, May 13, 2011

New from Pink Equine - Diamond Wave Patent Leather Bridle

Dressage Queens Take Notice! 
New from Pink Equine. 
A Gorgeous Patent Leather Bridle with a Crystal Wave Browband. 

This delightful patent leather dressage bridle comes as standard with a 4 line, silver plate chain that has two inner rows of slightly larger stones against an outer row of slightly smaller spaced diamante stones. The finished effect gives a rounded shape to the stones which looks incredibly luxurious.

View this gorgeous dressage bridle now!